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Travel to the solar eclipse / America

April 8

Update: Just one week until the solar eclipse will take place and we have of course more detailed plans, to which places we will bring our guests to enjoy that wonderful nature event. One flight will be from Housten (KIAH) to Mazatlán (MMMZ) at Mexico where our guests will have full 3 minutes of totality for that total solar eclipse. Beside that, of course the city and landscape around with wonderful beaches and the sea, will surely make them enjoying it a lot. We also just leased another aircraft (MRF-093) which will make an event flight from Washington (KIAD) up to the north to Montréal (CYUL). Here the guests can enjoy that amazing city with at least short time full totality and we will also give the possibility, to travel a bit south of Montréal to some lakes with forests for those, who want to have some nature around while enjoying the eclipse.

General information: On 8th April 2024 there will be a total solar eclipse visible in parts of Mexico and also in regions of the southeastern USA. We will be happy to organise a travel for that eclipse to give some people from Europe (tourists, photographers and workers from media) the chance to see it. Even at Microsoft Flight Simulator the eclipse will be just visible as partial eclipse, we will fly there and enjoy the eclipse and also the landscape around. We might also do some sightseeing. The details of the location are not planned in detail yet.


April 8