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Expedition to the North Pole

Juni 14 @ 8:00 - Juni 17 @ 17:00

During the time from 14th June to 17th June 2024 we will have an event flight to the North Pole. We will fly with our aircraft from Frankfurt to Tromsø at Norway and after a short stop will head towards Svalbard with flying above the Bear Island. From Svalbard we will reach the North Pole and will fly some circles before we fly south to Greenland. We will see the beauty of Eastern Greenland before we are reaching Iceland. From Iceland we will head back towards London, where the event flight will finish due to the upcoming event flight towards Iceland starting the same day later. We expect a lot of wonderful views and experiences during that event flight and of course will give our guests a lot of information with documentaries and also with wonderful music for the flight passages above the beautiful landscape. The flight is still some days away so that there can be changes in the schedule and also about flight route due to weather or other reasons. But of course one destination is fix: The North Pole.



14th June 2024, 3.55 p.m.: Our aircraft TOU-004 departed just some minutes ago, at 3.30 p.m. local time, from Frankfurt airport and is now heading towards Tromsø airport. As during all our flights, we have a special permission to fly in lower height so that our guests can enjoy the landscape better all the time. That also allows us, to fly faster so that we expect to reach Tromsø maybe in about 3 hours at about 6.30 p.m. local time. We maybe will do also some low height passages at some regions of Norway, if we get the permission. In short: Now we are heading northwards towards the North Pole!



Juni 14 @ 8:00
Juni 17 @ 17:00