Event / Sightseeing flights

20.04.2023 – Solar eclipse over Indonesia

On 20th April 2023 there was be a total solar eclipse visible in parts of western Australia, Indonesia, Timor and Papua New Guinea. We were glad to organise a travel for that eclipse to give some people from Europe (tourists, photographers and workers from media) the chance to see it. Even at Microsoft Flight Simulator the eclipse was just visible as partial eclipse, we flew there and enjoyed the eclipse and also the landscape around.


04th – 19th April 2023 – Flight from Oslo to the Frans Kaisiepo International Airport (ICAO: WABB / Indonesia) 

Due to the distance from Oslo to the final destionation at the airport of Frans Kaisiepo at Biak island (Indonesia), we started our event flight already on 4th April from Oslo to face the solar eclipse on 20th April 2023. The path of totality moved above that area so that we were able to observe the eclipse from there. This airport has a runway which can easily handle our B787 Dreamliner, so that we also had the possibility to fly spontanously with our guests above the clouds to join the eclipse, if the weather would have been cloudy or worse. The flight there was more than 13,000 kilometers so that it was important to make good planning for stopovers. We made stopovers airport of Kosice, Ordu-Giresun, Ashgabat, Islamabad, Gonggar, Hanoi, Manila and also Davao. During that long transfer flight our guests were able to experience different weather conditions, nice cities and also different and unique landscapes.
















20th April 2023 – Observing the solar eclipse over Indonesia

For observing the eclipse we made some preparations about the flight route, our aircraft and also the locations, from where we will observe it. About the route we decided to fly alongside the path of totality. We decided to depart from the Frans Kaisiepo International Airport while the partial eclipse started south of us. From here we flew southwest alongside the path of totality above the island Waar / Meoswaar, the region of Soetoeri and Farerantoewa until we reached the island Pulau Karas, which was our turning point for our sightseeing flight within the partial eclipse. On the islands Waar / Meoswaar and Pulau Karas we also had some photographers which had the task, to take some nice photos of our aircraft because we made low flyovers there with heights about 1,000 meters. Due to the high position of the sun, the sun wasn’t visible for many guests in our aircraft. This we also had in mind in advance and we made some modification on our aircraft, so that everyone also can enjoy the eclipse within the aircraft and while watching that beautiful landscape beneath. We installed a special camera on top of our aircraft, which transfered the images of the partial eclipse to the monitors inside. Our guests were very happy and surprised about that. We also flew back alongside the path of totality and arrived back at our origin airport about 15 minutes before the totality of eclipse started there. It was planned that the guests can enjoy it from the ground so that they also can use their equipment and that everyone had free view towards the eclipse. Luckily the weather was good with just some light clouds, so that our guests enjoyed a wonderful ecplise. Of course we took also several photos which we will share now with you. Never forget, that the MSFS 2020 is a simulation! Of course not everything looks perfect, but the possibility to enjoy eclipses there right at the time and place, where they really take place, is simply amazing! We recommend just to enjoy the photos, not think too much if the light effects can be like that or not. Our guests enjoyed an amazing total eclipse which was most important for us.















20th April 2023 – Enjoying the sunset near the beach

After that amazing and very exciting experience which decided to bring our guests to the beach and sea near the airport, so that they can relax with the beautiful setting sun near the Palau Patomi, just 10 minutes to walk from the airport. We were lucky because also during that, the weather was good and we were able to enjoy the sunset until the sun sets behind another island. The scenery with the sea, the beach but also trees alongside the coast, was really wonderful. The warming colors of sunset, made it simply perfect and everyone was so much relaxed.





20th April 2023 – Flight back to Manila via Davao

After that beautiful sunset, our guests got the possibility to relax some more time on the beach before we departed from the Frans Kaisiepo International Airport towards Manila. We also made again a short stopver at Davao airport. With the arrival at Manila our wonderful event flight ended here, because Manila offered a lot possibilities for international flights to all destinations and it was easier for our guests, to change the aircraft here. We look back to a wonderful event flight and we really look forward to the other exciting event flights, which we will organise during the upcoming months. Stay tuned for MORE! 🙂