M.R.F. - Meteorological Research Fleet

Flight training >> Flores, Azores

On 11th December 2022 we made another flight training above Azores, more specifically the islands Ilha das Flores and Corvo. We departed from Flores Airport (LPFL) and practiced then several flight maneuvers to simulate severve weather effect for our research flights. For example we practiced accelerated climb and decline, roll maneuvers and also flight close to the water surface. Also we made several touch and go landings at Flores Airport but also at Corvo Airport (LPCR). Wind gusts around 70 km/h for landing and departing as well as wind gusts about 100 km/h at higher altitude, was another element to deal with. West of the city Santa Cruz das Flores within the mountains thr wind was very gusty and there were even down gusts up to 209 km/h. Gusts with 180 km/h or more appeared very suddenly and short time there within the mountains, but of course they made shaking our aircraft a lot and needed extra concentration.


Here you can see some photos of the training and the flight route with altitudes: